Friday, November 13, 2009


exam week nie mcm2 nk pkr...i thing about my carrier after this..after i grade what should i do?I'm so scared if i see my result very bad can i get good job after i finish my study...I shy with my self.. failed to be a good student and a good daughter for my parent. i make them dis pointed with me.rarely, i thing is it i choose wrong course for continued my degree?or i make a big mistake in my life. i love account but when i from sem1 i get low result..why i don't want to change my course?? i confuse..i sad..i angry with my self..why i cannot be like my friend? sometimes i feel i don't have objective life go t class, back, then, all day be like that. i hope i can improve my pointer this semester..but i scared to see my result. if i can back the time i want change my course. i cannot follow these..but i try my best.i only have 2 semester here to change my result..can i improve my pointer??

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